Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

I saw this on Pinterest a long time ago and this morning, I really wanted some! Luckily I bought a couple of the cinnamon roll (tubes) a couple of weeks ago. It's so easy, there's really no need for instructions! I used 2 rolls (may have been too much for the 4 of us lol)

After I opened the rolls, I broke it apart and got 8 pieces. 
Perfect! I have a four section waffle maker. 

I spread butter on one side and waited to spread butter on the opposite side until I was ready to throw it on the waffle iron. 

It really takes less than 2 minutes. I burnt some at first because I waited for my iron's "ready" light indicator. When I only put it in for about 1 minute, it was perfect!

The rolls came with icing... I squeezed some after removing it off the iron. 

It was soOoOOo good! The best part was how easy it was!

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