Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cherry Tomato Sauce

I grew up eating this. I'm not sure what it's called so I will just call it "Cherry Tomato Sauce" since it's mainly cherry tomatoes cooked down to a thick sauce with herbs & chili peppers. I like to eat it with pork chops (or any meat!).

My mom was nice enough to come by with cherry tomatoes from her garden and showed me how to make it. I'm a visual person, plus her instructions are usually frustrating to me (add a little bit of salt, cook until it's ready...) HOW DO I KNOW ITS READY?!?!? Haha


Cherry tomatoes (about a one gallon zip lock bag)
Cilantro (about a quarter cup) 
Mint leaves (about 3-4)
1/2 - 1 tbsp fried garlic
1-3 Fresh chili peppers (optional but mandatory for me)
1 tsp chicken flavor bouillon powder
Salt to taste 


Slice tomatoes 
Cook on high for about 10 mins

Add minced cilantro, mint, peppers, fried garlic, chicken bouillon & salt

Remove from heat. 

Add additional herbs to taste. 

I actually don't add peppers because my husband doesn't eat as spicy so I add it to my own portions at dinner. I always have a stash of chili peppers in my freezer... again, from my mom.  :) 

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